ARRIVE // a new development or a particular moment comes into existence 
• reaches its destination • achieves recognition

STRIVE // make great effort to achieve • obtain something 
• struggle or fight vigorously

THRIVE // grow or develop vigorously 
• prosper; flourish


This project presented ARBE, FISHE, and VERSUS in the performance of graffiti art murals as collaborative products and is captured as a simultaneous narrative of image and sound. The composition and arrangement of the pieces are imbibed with the artists’ techniques.

Shot by award winning documentarian Oliver Lukacs (recipient of Best Documentary Feature at the Woodstock Film Festival, New York, 2014), these films are an extension of the art and message of the collective to disrupt the readymade mental image of cities and communities that act merely as backdrop to predictable narratives. The series of shorts attempts to continue the ensuing discourse on the transformative power of arts.

What emerges is an unfiltered but rhythmic visual identity that reflects the catalytic origins , evolution, and possibilites moving forward as artisits and filmaker.  

The current project pays homage to the previous traveling exhibition SURVIVE. Last year, our journey took us from New Orleans to Detroit to Oakland. This year, we join those mural productions in their collective sojourn spanning Newark, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, culminating with a gallery exhibition  A V S T R A C T I O N in the artists’ hometown of Los Angeles.